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• Four seasons of "Le Bôme"  
You will found here some pictures of the Mauricie country, across the eyes of le Bôme friends.
Les amis du Bôme
• Authentik Canada"  
Holidays in Canada - Summer family vacations, snowmobile travel and RV rental in Canada
Authentik Canada
• Globe Trotter Aventure Canada
Voyages of adventures and activities external of discovered for holidays in kind in several areas of Quebec (Qc), Canada.
Globe trotter Aventure Canada
• Les locations Maximum
Maximum Aventure offer a personilized service of snowmobile rental and snowmobile packages. You may also rent VTT/Quad and watercrafts in season!
Les locations maximum
• National Park of Mauricie  
We are inviting you to a intimate encounter with the Laurentian, this mountains chain that follow northshore of the St Lawrence river. Logo Parc National de la Mauricie
• AGGA Coffee  
Two generations of coffee grower and roaster!
Logo Cafés AGGA
• Grand-Mère Golf Course  

With its 18 hales totalising 6471 yards, Grand-Mère's golf course is knowed for its challenging small valleys, its numerous sand traps and the exeptionnale quality of its centurys old trees.

Logo Club de golf Grand-Mère
• Musée du bûcheron (Lumberjack Museum)  
Mauricie's history is unavoidably refering to the wood industry. Thankfully to the tenacity of the pioneers the raftsmans and the lumberjacks of the Mauricie, the region can claim to be the paper's worlwide capital. It is the history of those tough pioneers that we recreate in lively way at the Musée du bûcheron of Grandes-Piles. Logo Musée du bûcheron