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"A nice day in Grandes-Piles" Package  
 From the hostel, relived a part of history while visiting some woodcutters including 25 champs. Later on, board the Franc-Nord at the Municipal quay and discovered Anne Stillman the Queen of the Mauricie and Jean J. Crête the King of the Mauricie.

Includes :  / 1 night, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner
                / 1 Ticket for the Village du Bûcheron
                / 1 drinks
      240$ / 2 persons



"Golf Package"  

The Maurice offers many golf course of 9 and 18 holes. Le Memorial have an Howard Watson's design round, he is the one who formed Canadian champion Jocelyne Bourassa. As for, Le Golf de Grand-Mère, it is the oldest golf course typically Scottish in Canada.

Includes:  / 1 night
               / 1 breakfast
               / 1 dinner
               / 1 18 holes round
  345$ / 2 persons